Ronald Moore

Shihan Ronald Moore, MA, MSW, brings more than 50 years of martial arts training to the mat. In addition to Aikijutsu, he has also studied extensively in the arts of Karate, Wing Chung Kung Fu, and Aikido. Sensei Moore continues to expand his martial arts education and passes his learning on to others by participating in planning and teaching at martial arts seminars up and down the West Coast.

1964—1965 — David Harris Sensei — Shitoryu Karate — Seattle, WA

1966—1967 — Guan Su Sohn — Mu Duk Kwan Tai Kwan Do — Medellin, Colombia

1967—1969 — Clarence Lee Sensei — Shitoryu Karate — San Francisco, CA

1969—1979 — David Harris Sensei — Wing Chung Kung Fu — Seattle, WA
1977—1979 — Sid Woodcock Sensei — Aikijutsu — Seattle, WA
(both arts studied simultaneously in Sensei Harris’s dojo)

1979—1984 — Larry Barrish Sensei — Aikido — Everett, WA
1981 Received Shodan rank
1982 Received Nidan rank

1999—present Loyd Lovell Soke — Yama Kei Aikijutsu — Paradise, CA
2000 Received Sandan rank
2002 Awarded Menkyo

2009 Awarded Menkyo Kaiden

2003— Opened Kirkland Dojo – Yama Kei Aikijutsu